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d her arms about the small form and was holding it very close. “I was just playing–what the fairies put in my fingers,” Keineth explained from the depths of Mrs. Lee’s embrace. “They are fairy fingers indeed,” laughed Mrs. Lee. “Let us sit down here together and you must tell me all about it. Who […]

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him,” cried Alice eagerly. “I think you’d bett nike free run plus er bathe him first,” chuckled Mr. Lee. Then, turning to his wife, “You know I think it is a valuable dog! The fellow must have stolen him!” In triumph Billy and Peggy led the newcomer towards the pump for his bath, while Keineth […]

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The dog seemed to have no doubt as to his welcome, for in his desire to greet his adopted family he strained at the slender leash with which Billy held him. “Whose dog is it, Billy,” asked Mrs. Lee. “I bought him for a dollar!” Billy glanced questioningly at his mother. He had heard her […]

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Chapter 5 Pilot Comes To Overlook “This is the third time in a week that Billy’s been late for dinner,” said Mrs. Lee, l nike air max classic ooking from Billy’s empty place at the table to his father’s face. Mr. Lee was serving the steaming chicken and biscuits that Nora had placed on the […]

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