Upcoming Courses at the South African Gourmet Mushroom Academy

In keeping with the latest obsession in healthy eating and cooking, the South African Gourmet Mushroom Academy now offers courses and training in how to cultivate, prepare and eat mushrooms. Gone are the days where the same old vegetables were used as side-dishes – now we’re using rare, exotic and the previously less loved vegetables as an integral part of our meals. Mushrooms are, without a doubt, the most underrated of all vegetables, however they are incredibly versatile and can be used in countless dishes. Learn how to grow mushrooms, use mushrooms and stun your guests with new mouth-watering mushroom inspired dishes.

Nowadays we tend to be more careful with what we are putting into our bodies. And although many of us still have the odd craving for fast food or a restaurant meal, many of us stick to cooking healthily and organically at home. Many of us struggle to make meals exciting and tasty while packing them with nutrients and the ingredients that would make our grandmother’s proud. By taking the odd preparation and cookery course, we can find out more about how to keep our meals nutritious and delicious without becoming boring.

Mushrooms are just one of the many ingredients which are incredibly useful in organic and healthy cooking. At any given time, most of us have them in our refrigerators, however many of us are stuck in a rut as to how we use them. We tend to add them our meals to bulk them up and boost the flavour, however we rarely use them as the star of a dish. The South African Gourmet Mushroom Academy is passionate about mushrooms and has taken the extra step to spread their excitement towards it. Here are just some of their upcoming courses that you can participate in:

“Do It Yourself Courses”

–          Growing Your Own Mushrooms

–          Preparing Your Own Spawn (Spore) Mixtures

“Smaller Scale Courses”

–          Oyster Mushroom Production

–          Shittake Mushroom Production

The Gourmet Mushroom Academy can even teach the professional chef or entrepreneur one or two things with their “Commercial Courses” offering “Solutions towards building a sustainable green business” through their courses:

–          Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

–          Advanced Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

For those of us conscious of how the food we eat affects our weight and appearance, mushrooms are incredibly nutritional and add value to all meals without making us pack on the pounds. In fact, mushrooms are incredibly low in saturated fats and sodium, and have no traces of cholesterol at all. They are also a good source of dietary fibre, protein, iron, zinc, foliate, and manganese, however are most popular for their high source of vitamin D.

For the home maker, amateur chef or if it’s simply your turn to make dinner, mushrooms can be used in various ways to either compliment a main ingredient or steal the show with its flavour at the center of a plate. If you’d like to learn more about cultivating your own mushrooms and using them as a source of nutrients in your cooking, book a place on a course run by the South African Gourmet Academy.

If you recommend the course to a friend who then decides to register themselves, you’ll receive a 50% discount. Most courses are between one and five days long – a perfect way to enjoy your holiday in December or January.

Explore the Rainbow Nation with Car Hire in South Africa

South Africa is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and considering its beauty, vibrancy and abundance of exciting activities, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Tourists travel to South Africa for hundreds of reasons, the main being that it’s notoriously beautiful and is a uniquely diverse nation – a Rainbow Nation. Whether you’re visiting South Africa for its attractions, activities or for the beautiful experiences that it offers, you’ll find that the best way to get around is with the help of car hire.

South Africa has an abundance of attractions, the most famous and loved being Cape Town and its beautiful Cape Peninsula, the Cape Winelands and the Garden Route, as well as the vibrant City of Gold, Johannesburg and the Blyde River Canyon, Kruger National Park Nature Reserve and the stunning wild coast and city of Durban. Each of these destinations can be explored on your own and without the guidance of a tour operator. As there are many beautiful places to stop along the way to or in between any of these destinations, the best way to adventure around this stunning nation is undoubtedly with the use of car hire. South Africa also has a diverse road network, making it possible for locals and tourists to easily get around and navigate themselves to where they want to be.

Although South Africa’s beauty and diverse landscapes are among its most loved assets, the exciting activities which it offers are hugely enticing attractions to guests and tourists. As South Africa is home to more than a few beautiful and award-winning game reserves, game viewing remains to be one of South Africa’s most popular activities, and as safaris are offered all over South Africa tourists can see and explore the entire country while on this adventure.

South Africa’s beaches and mountains offer an endless list of exciting activities and adventure holidays. Township tours, shopping, theme parks and casinos can also be enjoyed, as well as ostrich farms, an endless flow of local and international sports games and matches, as well as the many historical sites, galleries and monuments which mark South Africa’s rich past and culture. While visiting South Africa you’ll always have somewhere to be or relax; it’s essential to have the wheels needed to get around, make sure you utilise car hire in South Africa for your adventure.

If you need further reasons to visit the Rainbow Nation, we’ve come up with quite a few for you. It’s affordable, has first world facilities and has beautifully clear weather and comfortably hot temperatures. Its natural beauty is obviously a huge attraction, as are the adventure it offers and the history which is displays in almost every city. Its wildlife and diverse landscapes are yet another temptation, as is its devotion to responsible tourism and equality. Simply put, anyone who chooses to visit to the Rainbow Nation that is South Africa will be welcomed with open arms and can be sure to have a magical, beautiful and interesting experience.

Seeing it all while visiting South Africa is easy and affordable. With the help of car rental South Africa is yours to explore while its beauty, attractions and exciting activities can be enjoyed and cherished wherever you decide to travel. Undoubtedly, a visit to this stunning nation will inspire you and allow you to simply relax and enjoy a truly beautiful country, remarkable people and unforgettable experiences.

The Kruger National Park

Where You’ll Fall in Love with the Limpopo Province

Referred to by some as The Great North, the Limpopo Province, with its vast landscape stretching out as far as the eye can see, is a famous tourist destination and a favourite holiday retreat for many South Africans. The Limpopo Province is also home to South Africa’s biggest national park, the Kruger National Park, it is the perfect South African destination for a road trip. The best way to do such a road trip is with car hire South Africa cannot be experienced in a better way.

In 1898, at the instigation of the then-president Paul Kruger, the Kruger National Park was opened.The park is 350 km in length, 65 km wide and comprises of roughly 20 000 sq kilometres.There is 1863 kms of road which leads through the park of which 697 kms is tarred.The park is visited by more than half a million visitors each year.

The Kruger National Park offers an exceptional safari experience to any visitor. You can find all of the Big Five at the park – of which elephants are most commonly seen. The park is also home to 142 other mammals – this is the biggest variety you can see at any game reserve in South Africa. The park also inhabits hundreds of different species of birds, making it a bird lover’s paradise. There are 114 species of reptiles, which includes the dangerous Black Mamba – so watch out!

Winter time has proven to be the best time to visit the park. In the dry winter season the grass is low and bushes and trees have no leaves, this gives you a clear view of the thirsty lion family drinking at the waterhole. It basically never rains in winter and therefore the animals visit the waterholes in the early mornings and evenings – this promises for an experience which you’ll never forget.

The park offers a variety of accommodation to its visitors. Whether you want to rough it in the bush with a tent or stay in luxury lodge accommodation, Kruger has everything for you.

Camps in the park include ‘Hamiltons Tented Camp’, named after Colonel Stephenson Hamilton, who played a big part in the establishment of the park and ‘NgalaTented Camp’, which is situated on the banks of the Timbavati River.

For those wanting a lodge accommodation experience, there is the ‘Simbavati River Lodge’, home to the famous White Lions, and ‘Imbali Safari Lodge’, which is situated within the park and promises for a unique and luxurious stay.

A road trip to the Kruger National Park will be an unforgettable experience with family, friends or with your special someone. Road trips in South Africa are best done with a car hire. South Africa’s car hire services are friendly and reliable, ensuring you the best holiday experience.

Studying Hospitality Management in 2012 at Stenden South Africa

Hospitality management is both an impressive and useful degree to hold in South Africa as there is a booming tourism industry and a never ending flow of tourists visiting the rainbow nation. Stenden South Africa is the only tertiary education institution in South Africa which offers a B.Com degree in Hospitality Management, attracting hundreds of students every year to study on the campus in Port Alfred and learn from the best. Here, students are equipped with top industry knowledge and the tools to become a formidable force in the industry. Every year, a new batch of highly qualified graduates leave Stenden South Africa, taking their first steps in the world of hospitality management; 2012 is set to be no different.

Stenden South Africa is always aiming to better themselves and goes the extra mile to ensure that their students are the best in their field. They’re one of five Stenden campuses around the world, enabling them to keep up to date with the global trends in the hospitality industry and ensure that their students graduate with international opportunities. All Stenden universities are run by the same module system, allowing students to study abroad and focus on different fields of the industry at a time.

In 2012, Stenden South Africa will continue to focus on student development. Their lectures, workshops, outings and events will equip this year’s students with the practical experience and theories needed to be successful in the industry. Students will also be able to put their knowledge to practice by helping the local community through Stenden South Africa’s community development projects and local initiatives. This year,Stenden students will also have the opportunity to do practical experience at the local My Pond Hotel, reopened by Stenden South Africa during the late months of 2011. This is a truly unique opportunity for hospitality management students in South Africa as they’ll be able to put their skills to the test throughout the year and have a “job” which will, undoubtedly, set them above the rest when entering the “real world” after their studies.

Port Alfred is one of the Eastern Cape’s most loved seaside towns. Here, residents and guests bask in sunlight throughout the year and can relax in lush gardens and mild temperatures during their free time. Life on Stenden South Africa’s campus reflects the jovial atmosphere of the town, and in between lectures, exams and workshops students can be found socialising in the student bar or sitting on the outside benches in the sun. Students can make use of a campus library, computer room, lounge and tuck shop, as well as campus wi-fi and can participate in sports and in other clubs. The beach is also just a short walk away and the town’s lagoon is perfect for canoeing and cooling down on a hot summer’s day.

2012 is set to be an exciting and successful year for Stenden South Africa; with new community development, workshops and practical experience opportunities enabling the students to have a truly unique and unforgettable tertiary education experience. With South Africa’s beautiful cities, attractions and exciting activities, there will always be a need for hospitality management graduates in South Africa; Stenden South Africa is ensuring that their students are several strides ahead of the rest.

Stenden also offers the best event management courses in South Africa

Why Study at Stenden South Africa

In 2003, Stenden South Africa opened its doors to their first thirteen students, kicking off their ambition to train the next leaders in South Africa’s hospitality industry. Operating under the name of Educational Institute for Service Studies, during this first year they received their first international students from their now partnered Dutch University. Since then they’ve had a name change to Stenden South Africa, have had thousands of students through their doors and have effectively run as a global hospitality management university with sister universities in the Netherlands, Bali and Thailand.

For students who dream of making big names for themselves in the hospitality industry, this leading hotel management school in Port Alfred will give them the perfect grounding and set of skills to do just that. With a devotion to excellence and unique involvement in training, Stenden South Africa has become an internationally recognised institution by the likes of Hilton hotels, NH Hotels, Sheraton, Centre Parks, Disney World and Holiday Inn; students leaving Stenden South Africa are equipped with a formidable education and future full of exciting prospects.

Stenden South Africa has made sure that they have covered every aspect of the hospitality industry in their curriculum, allowing students to further their studies in specific sectors if they should wish to. Students studying hospitality management can choose to major in Game Lodge Management, Food and Beverage Management, Room Division Management, Catering Management, Convention Centre Management, Banqueting Management and Sales Management; covering all passions and aspects of the hospitality industry in South Africa and internationally. Graduates with a qualification in hospitality management walk away with endless prospects and a limitless number of careers ahead of them.

Stenden South Africa “provides education and leadership in a community in which people with different backgrounds feel at home and are encouraged to contribute to and bear responsibility for the world in general and mankind in particular”; this is their vision which can be seen in all academic, social and outreach spheres of the campus. Not only does Stenden South Africa ensure that each student is grounded with a healthy attitude and devotion to the hospitality industry but they also out of their way to ensure that students participate in making their local community a better one.

Stenden South Africa offers its students a fun and involved life on campus where they’ll make their first contacts in the hospitality industry. Here, they’ll grow and show their skills in different campus projects and workshops, and will learn what it takes to become a force to reckoned with in the hotel industry. Visit game lodges, wildlife centres, prestigious hotels and be lectured by wine connoisseurs – the more adventurous students can even choose to complete one of their modules on the Grand Tour; studying at a foreign Stenden University. Make friends that you’ll treasure for life while learning the skills that will carry you towards your dream job.

Studying event management at Stenden South Africa is not for the faint hearted; students are put through their paces to ensure that they leave the best and have the characters needed to succeed in the industry. Hotel Management is a 24 hours, 7 days a week career and takes 100% devotion to succeed in. However, it is also an incredibly rewarding career and offers a busy and luxurious lifestyle that will be the envy of many. If you have a passion for hosting, organising and strategizing, studying at Stenden South Africa will equip you with the skills, theory and practical experience that will take you far. With the world as your oyster and a top education to back your name, your dream job will be at your fingertips.

Recipe for the Perfect Sunset Pictures

Imagine yourself at the end of a long, busy day, sitting with a loved one or best friend whilst watching a sunset. These moments are rare and should be enjoyed when the opportunity arises, however it’s difficult to hang on to these times. We can write down our memories and chat about those days with the people we shared them with, however nothing has the power to take us back to a moment like photographs do, and for this reason sunset pictures are amongst the most treasured possessions kept by people. There are a few things to remember, that will aid to creating the perfect picture, and when they come together we’re able to store our memories in a single image.

Photographs are unlike any other keepsakes. Not only do they have the ability to take us back to a time and place, but they can reconnect us with feelings of tranquillity and happiness. A sunset picture has the power to take us back in time. They capture the moment and the reality of the event. There are a few things that one must bear in mind when taking a photograph, however, and if one gets captures all of these elements they can be sure to take the perfect sunset picture that will treasured for a lifetime.

The recipe for the perfect sunset picture is simple. You’ll need several close friends, family, or a lover, a clear day with one or two added clouds on the horizon for extra effect, a couple of hours on your hands, and a picnic. Once you’ve got at least two of these elements, you can be sure to take an incredible photograph.

Some of the most meaningful memories are formed from moments that are shared with loved ones. This is one of the most important elements of taking a perfect sunset picture; whether the people you are with are in a photograph or not. Taking a photograph of a sunset with loved ones in the foreground will add to the emotional level of the photo, however without anyone in a picture, it’ll remind you of how beautiful the day was and will remind you of the people which surrounded it. A sunset picture will enable you to remember who you watched it with, the conversations that you had, and the other events happened during the day.

One of the reasons why we love sunsets is that each of them is unique, making it impossible for us to ever get bored of them. As the weather and season is constantly changing, all year round we can see a different sky and sunset affect. During summer months, the sky is usually clear and the sun is bright as the earth leans towards it. Beautiful sunset pictures can be taken during these hot months, especially if you find yourself on a summer holiday away from the cities and buildings. In autumn and spring, you’ll find one or two clouds on the horizon, with beautiful silver linings reflecting darker shades of the bright colours of your surroundings by the sun. During winter, sunsets are known to be quite dim, often masked by clouds or poor weather. However, despite the rain, clouds and cold, these sunsets have an atmosphere of their own, adding to the fierceness of a storm or a cosy atmosphere.

Lastly, after a long day at work, one of the best ways to unwind is to enjoy a picnic in the fresh air. Sharing great food amongst loved ones whilst enjoying a sun-downer is one of the most popular ways of ending a day; add a sunset to the equation and there are few better ways to enjoy an evening. You’ll be able to relax and reflect on the day, feeling privileged that you’ve had the opportunity to loosen up and take pleasure in a sunset.

Photographing a sunset doesn’t have to be anything more than a quick snap in the direction of the sun, however having a picnic with a loved one on a beautiful day creates a memory that will accompany the sunset picture. Whether you have the above elements visible within the picture of not, you’ll be reminded of the time and place where you had the privilege to spend time witnessing one of the most beautiful and inspiring phenomena on earth.

Finding The Perfect Sunset Locations

Wherever you are in the world, sunset is one of the most beautiful times of day. The land and sea is set ablaze with orange, red, pink and yellow colours and the horizon lights up and catches our attention. A sunset allows time for reflection on the simplicity and good things in life, and they also remind us that a new day starts tomorrow away from the stresses of today.

Although a sunset is a beautiful sight wherever we watch it from, there are some places in the world that viewing a sunset is simply magical. Watching the sun bid farewell whilst on safari, over the sea, whilst climbing a mountain, or on a ski slope are to name just a few locations. A great sunset involves more than just watching the sun sink past the horizon, but includes a beautiful atmosphere and environment, friendly faces, and a relaxed spectator.

In Africa, being on Safari is one of the best ways to witness a perfect sunset. The landscape around you, already orange, turns golden and is tinged red, pink and yellow with the light from the sun. In summer the hot atmosphere and caked earth creates an atmosphere like nowhere else in the world. The smell of the trees, grass and soil aides to this atmosphere, which when combined with a sunset, inspires and shows a side of Africa that one is truly privileged to see.

Lying on a beach drinking sundowners is another incredible way to watch a sunset. This sunset location is one of the most sought after in the world as many dream and plot their ideal holidays so they can lie on a deck chair, drink in hand, and watch the sun set in front of them over a blue and sparkling ocean. For those who are fortunate enough to live by the sea, having an early dinner with friends and family on a deck is the best way to watch a sunset. Locations play an important role when it comes to watching a sunset, and those who live by the sea can breathe in fresh sea air whilst being hit by the lasts of the sun’s rays.

Mountains are yet another perfect sunset location which should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lives. Being high up in the mountains where the air is fresh and the noises of the surrounding towns and cities have been drowned out is without a doubt one of the best ways to bid the sun farewell for the day. Ski slopes are another great sunset location. The cold freshness of the air combined with the beauty of the sunset will remind you that it’s time to head back to the comfort and warmth of your cabin, but only after you’ve seen the crisp white snow turn pink and orange as the sun sets.

The perfect location aids to the magnificence of a sunset, however a combination of place, people, atmosphere and environment all aid to its beauty. Undoubtedly the best time to witness a sunset is when you are relaxed and have let go of all worry and stress. Most memorable sunsets occur whilst on holiday, as there’s time to relax, kick back and simply enjoy the sun setting on a beautiful day.

Explore Cape Town While Staying in V&A Waterfront Holiday Rentals

Cape Town is a highly sought after tourist destination as it offers unique holidays and truly memorable attractions. The famous Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is undoubtedly, the best place to stay when exploring this magical city as not only will you have the best views in town but you’ll be at the forefront of all exciting activities, galleries, museums and historical sites. You’ll also have the city’s best shopping centre, restaurants and entertainment on your doorstep. While staying in V&A Waterfront holiday rentals you’ll have the time of your life and the perfect experience in the Mother City.

Cape Town has an abundance of attractions. From its iconic Table Mountain to the astoundingly beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Seaboard, to the historical site that is Robben Island Museum and the famously unique and stunning Kirstenbosch Gardens, this city has more than enough for everyone. Depending on the season, you may experience hot long days refreshed with a gentle sea breeze or will be lucky enough to see for yourself just why they call this cape the “Cape of Good Hope”. Regardless of the time of year however, you’ll be met with friendly faces, a pampering and informative hospitality industry and an endless variety of places to see and things to do.

The V&A Waterfront has long been one of the Cape’s most popular attractions. Known as the “heart beat” of Cape Town, this is the place where locals celebrate and express themselves, as well as enjoy the entertainment, local music and proudly African atmosphere. This is also the number one place to shop in the Western Cape as you’ll find the largest variety of chains and those unique designer shops and boutiques that are coveted around the world. Venture into the shopping centre, and you’ll undoubtedly be tempted to take your wallet out; whether to purchase the latest Prada handbag, to buy curios and gifts for your loved ones or to simply quench your thirst with one of the organic smoothies or indulge in an Italian gelato.

By choosing to stay in V&A Waterfront accommodation, you’ll find yourself in a front row seat for the latest entertainment and favourite attractions in the Cape. Whether you simply choose to stroll around the Waterfront, soaking up the atmospheres and visiting it’s many different attractions or decide to spend the day visiting the waterfront’s surrounding attractions and the Cape’s number one tourist temptations, you’ll be perfectly situated and will have the city’s best facilities and assets within convenient reach. As the V&A Waterfront is such a popular place for tourists to visits, the best services are readily available here and everything a tourist could possibly need is easy to find.

While staying in V&A Waterfront holiday rentals, you won’t simply just have the best views in the house; you’ll find yourself in the place to be in the Cape, at the pinnacle of all entertainment and local vibrancy and enjoying the best of what the city has to offer. While staying here, you’ll have the freedom to explore the city and will have everything you need at your fingertips, not to mention some of South Africa’s finest restaurants and shops, and the opportunity to enjoy the city luxuriously.